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Strictly ensure the construction quality of launcher crane

Date 2023.10.27
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At the early stage of our country, a certain standard has been made for the rules of girder of bridge frame,That is, "Railway Bridge Rack Beam Rule"。The rules require that the construction of our offline projects must provide information on the material that has been provided by the relevant unit of the building,This is because in recent years, when the launcher crane turns over, it is mostly caused by the problem of bridge head filling soil,for example,whether there is a block stone in the soil filled in the bridge,frozen soil mass and unstratified rolling, etc.only offline engineering construction units know best,the inspection by the shop unit alone cannot be found.

However, in actual situations, the platform units of the launcher crane often dismiss the information provided by the offline construction unit,this is because, for a long time, the quality tests that have been determined in our railway "road test" are based on self-inspection.Self-inspection is normal as an internal management method,but delivered as a large project,it is worth studying whether the results of self-examination are appropriate or not.

In order to supervise and inspect the construction unit to strictly implement the railway engineering technical standards issued by the State and the Ministry of Railways,standardized engineering quality inspection and evaluation standards,the project supervision system should be strictly implemented in the construction of railway subgrade, and the inspection work of the project should be strengthened:All projects requiring inspection must be carried out with the participation or presence of the supervising engineer,otherwise, it will not be admitted;The first procedure must meet the quality standard before the next procedure can be carried out.Only in this way, can ensure the quality of subgrade construction,eliminate roadbed hidden dangers;It is also possible to make the information provided by the offline construction unit authentic.

The supervision system should also be strictly implemented in the construction of paving and scaffolding,supervise and inspect the paving units to strictly implement the "Railway Bridge Rack Beam Rules",strictly implement the regulations on track pressing,using a launcher crane is strictly based on the operating procedure of the launcher crane,strictly implement the regulations on safety work,so as to ensure the quality and safety of the paving frame.

In addition, a set of perfect maintenance system should be established for launcher crane,from the aspects of installation, commissioning, operation, warehousing and sealing, etc,every link has strict management methods,the launcher crane is always in good technical condition.In addition, the launcher crane should be strengthened to monitor and diagnose faults,ensure safe operation of launcher crane.

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