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The development of bridge crane is the source of our continuous progress

Date 2023.10.27
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In the construction machinery industry, the gap between domestic and foreign is mainly reflected in the technical level of basic components.Therefore, the development of the crane industry, we should put the foothold in improving the technical level of basic components,strengthening innovative dynamics,and supplemented by policy support,only in this way can improve the technical level fundamentally,realize the development of gantry crane and bridge crane industry.

The bridge crane has to be laid to the track, and the requirements for the steel structure of the legs, these technicians have been dealt with before,according to the technical drawing of gantry crane,guide installation for each part.The installation of the track needs to be completed on a solid cement foundation,no pitting or loose soil.In the process of erecting the gantry crane legs, it is necessary to use the crane to complete. The larger the tonnage, the larger the crane is needed to match the work.

Bridge crane industry to maintain technological innovation and upgrading, continue to invest a lot of research and development costs, maintain product design and development,forming a good circulation mechanism and other international engineering machinery giants to maintain the source of continuous improvement

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