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Manual jib crane

  • The capacity:0.5ton
  • Lifting height: 15m
  • Usage:Construction Hoist
  • Voltage:380V/48V AC
Product Description

Manual control jib crane is a kind of light crane using with PK type electric chain hoist or CD, MD electric hoist. It consists of the column, the rotating arm, the cantilever drive unit and hoists. The lower end of the column is fixed by anchor bolts in the concrete foundation. The boom slewing is driven by motor driving the reducer. The hoist runs back and forth on the cantilever beam.

Manual control jib crane has advantages of simple structure, easy operation, small space using, large working range. It is widely used in lifting materials in production lines of machinery manufacturing, automotive making and shipbuilding. It is being used in warehouses, docks, laboratories and other occasions. It is a ideal lifting equipment for the enterprises to improve efficiency and working conditions.

Manual control jib crane are light and intermediate working level, rated workload has 0.25t, 0.5t, 1t, 2t, 3t, 5t with total six specifications. According to job specifications need the users can choose different types of cranes, lifting speed and running speed. The machine has two forms of manipulation: motor-driven rotation and manual rotation. The rotation angle of the rotating arm needs to be selected according to the use of premises such as 180 °, 270 °, 345 °, 360 °.

  • It can adopt electric chain hoist or wire rope electric hoist with actual lifting speed requirements.
  • It has manual or automatic control method.
  • Our floor mounted jib crane has high reliability and safety standard with the adoption of special positioning template and column fixed bolt.
  • It is equipped with complete electrical control device and more extra bolts for unexpected needs.
Arm lengthm1.2~20
Lifting heightm1~15
Lifting speedm/minUp to you
Rotate speedr/min0.7
Rotate angledegree  360°
Wire ropemmØ4.7Ø7.7Ø11Ø13Ø15.5
Power source3-phase, 380v50Hz OR as required
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